Life in Flight on IFC
Cupid (Episode 3) on Hulu
Come Back to Me
The Cherry Lane Theatre
Lucky Ghost "Misanthrope"
music video
LA's IN Magazine
article & photo
An Exploding Star: Maiden Fall Tour
(recorded at SY Studios - Sue on vocals)
Crying While Eating

Tonight Show
(four minutes in)

Reel Roundtable Reading
(with Elizabeth Carmody & Mike Bencivenga)
COFOUNDER Chemical Imbalance July
(featuring "Good Night" the play about a webcam OD)
COFOUNDER Chemical Imbalance August
(with Max Casella, Rock Kohli & Will Carlough)
"Ad Agency" for
(directed by Jon Stern; with Tom Bradshaw & Jodi Collins)
Debate Society Policeman's Ball
Media Bistro Party
(with Celeste Balducci)
Mimi & Flo
'Hot Mitts' episode
Lucky Ghost
The Red-Headed League
The Hazzards
Magic Garden: parties for New Yorkers
Mysterious Mysteries
Eugene Cho - Music Producer
Annet Artani
Seth Berkowitz