On the Big Screen


THE FUTURE (winner, honorable mention) at Blackpoint Film Festival Lake Geneva, WI

   at Anchorage Film Festival Alaska

   at Quittapahilla Film Festival Annville, PA

   at Frederick Festival of Film Frederick, MD

   at Rooftop Films Hi/Lo Festival, NYC

   at Brooklyn Arts Council Int'l Film & Video Festival Brooklyn Museum of Art 

DRIVE at The Woodstock Film Festival

   at the Festival of the Arts at Theatre for the New City

   at The Screening Room NYC

MEDICATION at the 1st annual Chicago Horror Film Festival in Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL

   at The LI International Film Expo, New York

ROSA XRAYS JOE at Lost Film Festival in Park City, Utah

  award winner at the 1st annual Sin Cine Festival NYC/Brazil

   at Two Boots Pioneer Theatre

MONK at Cantor Film Center NYC

PORTRAIT OF A SELL-OUT at Cinema Clasics/Riffifi NYC

On the Big Page

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